Support Justa Center

Our NEW charity is Justa Center for homeless elders. Special thanks to Mary Kallemeyn and Maureen Sullivan for visiting their facility and finding out more about this vital service.

Your Golden Years should not be on the streets. Justa Center began in 2006 by Pastor Scott Richey and members of the United Methodist Church, who developed the programs and services after asking homeless seniors what they needed to help their journey back into housing. It started with a need to have somewhere they come every day to be safe, out of the weather, and have access to needed resources.

Justa Center continues to grow. Seniors entering into homeless is a growing world-wide crisis.

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Items Needed

8 oz. foam cups, coffee, liquid hand soap, copy paper (letter size), stamps, batteries (AAA, AA, 9V), canned meat/fish, 4-packs of toilet paper